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Branch Officers (2023-24)


  • Chrystal Ratcliffe, President

  • Nora Stockton, 1st Vice-President

  • Attorney TyJuan Garrett, 2nd Vice-President

  • Rev. Dr. Ivan D. Hicks, 3rd Vice-President

  • Phyllis A. Carr, Secretary

  • Angela D. Carr, Assistant Secretary

  • James G. White, Treasurer

  • Sharon Dunson – Assistant Treasurer 


Executive Committee (at large)

  • Paula Brooks

  • Jarnell Burks-Craig

  • Linda Everett

  • Michael Falker

  • Garry Holland

  • Annette Johnson

  • Sandra Parker

  • Vickie Peterson

  • Homer Smith


Meet Our Branch President


     Chrystal Ratcliffe, the president of the Greater Indianapolis Branch #3053, has spent her entire adult life in a position of empowering people.

     Mrs. Ratcliffe is a retired United Auto Workers union activist and has spent the last 24 years in leadership roles, where she has demonstrated a strong passion for labor rights and leadership. In addition, she continues as the community chairperson for the UAW; and is vice president of the AMVETS Auxiliary and Americanism Council.
    "The mission of the NAACP continues to strive for political, educational, social and economic equality for all persons by eliminating hate-based discrimination. Ratcliffe said. Our day-to-day activities are aimed at the continual advancement of our mission. The NAACP is an organization that empowers the citizens of this city to become active voices in their community and enact change." 

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