Black the Vote 2022

Indiana Primary 2022: If you're a registered voter, you can vote at any Marion County vote center on Primary Election Day, May 3. You must bring a government-issued photo ID. Find an Election Day voting location.

Check Your Voter Registration

Are you registered to vote? Check to see if your voter registration is up to date at the Marion County Voter Information Portal at


Registration for the May 3 primary ended on April 4, but you can still register to vote in the November election.


Voter Information Portal

The Marion County Voter Information Portal also contains links that allow you to:

Wanting to know how the Marion County voting process works and how your vote is safeguarded? Visit the IndyVOTES Securely website.

NAACP volunteer

Some of the Greater Indianapolis NAACP volunteers who worked on Election Day 2020 to monitor polling sites and ensure everyone had the right to vote.