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Women in the NAACP (WIN)


Women in the NAACP (WIN) is an official committee of the NAACP.

 The purposes of WIN are:

•    to enhance the leadership role of women

•    to serve as an advocacy vehicle for issues affecting women and children

•    to advocate for the positive development of children

•    to support the on-going work of the NAACP and its unit, especially civil and cultural activities to enhance membership

Each region has a coordinator designated as Regional Vice Coordinator. Each state shall designate a WIN State Chair. Each local NAACP branch may establish a WIN chapter.



•    WIN membership is open to any person who is a bona fide member of the NAACP upon payment of the WIN membership fee.

•    Membership dues are ten dollars for regular members. Five dollars will go to the local WIN Unit.

Click here to learn more about the Greater Indianapolis WIN committee.

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